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Our Vision

Ta Maison offers a boutique property management service, which takes care of your house or holiday home in your absence. We give you peace of mind knowing your home is taken care of. 

As part of our personalised service we can assist by having everything ready prior to your return.

Ta Maison - Offering you peace of mind.

Our Services

In your absence:

  • Security checks

  • Check mailbox and redirect mail

  • Arrange all housekeeping, laundry and cleaning services

  • Heavy weather or post cyclone checks

  • Check all doors and windows are locked

  • Provide keys to family or friends staying at the property

  • Start onsite vehicle and arranging WoF

  • Arranging contractors

  • Arranging standard maintenance

  • Organise/Co-ordinate services

  • Arrange for provisioning and restocking of consumables

For a more personalised service.

Prior to your stay:

  • Your home is immaculately presented, cleaned to our very high standards.

  • The beds are made with freshly laundered linen.

  • Fresh flowers can be arranged for your arrival.

  • The kitchen is stocked with fresh produce and groceries, boutique wines and delectable treats.

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